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Bread Bakers Apprentice – Bread 1 – Anadama

2010/10/11 20:33:21

This weekend I took my first foray into the Bread Bakers Apprentice by Peter Reinhart.  On the advice of an acquaintance on Twitter I started with the first recipe in the book which is a Anadama Bread.



Other then having to have the forethought of soaking some cornmeal in water overnight the recipe is super easy.  The crust has a nice bite to it from both the cornmeal, and crispness created from molasses in the dough.  The crumb is nice and even and has a nice sweet taste from the molasses and a nice golden colour.


Next on the list will be Casatiello, tasty rich bread with chunks of sausage and cheese how could you go wrong.

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