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Nikon 28-300 Sharpness Tests

2010/09/15 18:49:59

300mm @ f/8

I picked up the new Nikon 28-300 f/3.5-5.6 VR lens yesterday and tonight got a chance to take it for a quick workout in the basement as a quick test of it’s sharpness. All the images are located in this smugmug gallery.

At first blush it’s not super great especially wide open on the 28mm end. But stopped down even to 5.6 at 28mm and it’s definitely acceptable. f/5.6 is acceptable at the long end even though it’s wide open but it does get noticeably sharper stopped down to f/8. Over f/16 and you start seeing some sharpness lost again to diffraction.

For the price and convenience on a non-photography centred vacation I’m pleased with this lens after a quick test, I’ll report back again after my first real shooting experience with it.

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