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GPS Photo Linker

2009/05/23 15:04:29

Last night Shannon, Sarah, and I went out to do some field work for the girls company.  I was tasked to come along cause they had heard that there was possibly some squatters on the land and they wanted to have someone big along to look scary.  I’m not really sure that I it the scary part of that but I am big.  I brought the camera along since they were going to be doing the work around sunset I figured I could get some good “Magic Hour” light to shoot.  Since I’ve been wanting to try out my old GPS as a track logger for Geo Tagging my pictures I made sure it was charged up and ready to go.  The shooting went well and this morning I took to the task of importing and trying to get the shots geo-tagged.

I followed my normal routine of importing the pictures into Aperture, the next step was to get the track log off the GPS and into the standard GPX format.  The Magellan eXplorist 500 that I was using, has it’s own track format that is luckily enough just a standard text file.  I could have written a program to do the conversion but being the lazy bastard I am instead of engaging my brain I used the Google brain instead and found a nice free app for Mac/Windows/Linux called GPS Babel that supports conversion to & from a metric fuck ton of formats for GPS data.

After the conversion step was handled it was as simple as pulling the file into the software I found to do the tagging.  It’s called GPS Photo Linker a free piece of software from a company called Early Innovations. It’s totally free and seems to work really good.

The only gotcha I found is because we weren’t always moving around some of the GPS track log points were more then 2 minutes apart and this caused the default settings of the program to miss some of the tags on the first pass.  I just upped the limit to 5 minutes and everything worked perfectly.

All the gooders from last night are in this flickr set: Sunset Owl Survey to checkout the location you can hit the view map button on the right hand menu in each picture.

4 Responses to “GPS Photo Linker”

Jeffrey J. Early wrote a comment on 2009/05/23

I don’t know if you had a chance to try out the new ‘pro’ version, now called just PhotoLinker, but the geotagging is now much improved. The screencast gives a good overview.

I actually set the default time restriction to 5 minutes in the pro version, just as you had to do. Your blog posting just reminded me to change that for GPSPhotoLinker 1.6.1 — thanks!


admin wrote a comment on 2009/05/23

Cool I’ll have to check it out, not sure if I need any more features then what the free version does but doesn’t hurt to give it a boo.

Tremaine Lea wrote a comment on 2009/05/23

Those are some great shots amigo!

Wes wrote a comment on 2009/05/30

You may also want to check out GeoSetter, it has treated me rather well.

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