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Weekend Wrap Up

2006/06/4 21:17:44

Candle Product Test

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The weekend is rolling to it’s inevitable conclusion and it was an awesome weekend.

Friday after work I started getting things transferred to the ‘rents house for the BBQ on Saturday. The rest of the evening I just sluffed around the house until it was time for bed.

Saturday morning before the BBQ I ran a few errands including running out to the Cochrane Humane Society to look at one specific dog, a beagle cross named Rocky. I spent about 30 minutes getting to know him inside the kennel, and then took him out for a quick 10 minute walk to get to know him even better. I made the decision to adopt him almost immediately, he’s totally cute and soon shall help me with my evil plans :). This is a picture of him from the Cochrane humane society site:

Saturday evening was the BBQ, not as many people as I had originally hoped showed up but it was still super fun. We ate, talked, hung out on the deck and played some frisbee up at the park. I think everyone had a good time I know I did, I’ll have to do this at least once more before the summer is over.

Today was another good day, in the morning I completed the cleanup of my parents house from the BBQ. Every one was really clean so it only took me about 20 minutes to get everything in Mom friendly order. Then I went up to Petland to get some equipment and Toys for when Rocky comes home on Tuesday. The afternoon was spent at Wes’s house playing with some productesq photography on his home made shooting table. This is one example of the type of stuff we were doing, I’m not going to post them all to flickr in case we decide to put them up as stock, but we did some with sushi, beer in a glass, and some
“drinks” in glasses. I think they turned out really quite good and hopefully we can get the stock thing sorted out and start turning our hobby into some kind of revenue generation.

2 Responses to “Weekend Wrap Up”

Kristy wrote a comment on 2006/06/4

Ahem, more Rocky photos please!

Naomi wrote a comment on 2006/06/4

Yes! More photos of Rocky required! :)